New Love- Iraqi Style Gnocchi

Gnocchi recipe

  • 1kg potatoes (preferably dry ones, not fresh)
  • 1 egg
  • 120-250 gr flour
  • salted water for cooking
  • oil/butter to prevent the gnocchi from sticking

Bake 1kg potatoes at 180°C for about an hour, until they are completely and utterly soft (baking time of course varies according to size of the potatoes)… Let them cool  a little.


Mash the potatoes- we like using this giant garlic masher thing, but you can use whatever you use for your mashed potatoes regularly. Add one egg, then add 150gr flour, kneed and add more flour as needed- until you have a workable potato dough.


Kneed well, until you get a unified mass.

GnochiOkra-5Pinch a little dough and cook it in the boiling salted water, taste, and see if you are happy with the result.  if it needs more flour for your taste- add flour to the potato dough (if it needs less flour.. well.. it’s too late, better luck next time) ..

When you are happy with the dough, roll out portions of the dough, on a well floured surface, to a long snake, and cut it into gnocchi size portions (you can create the traditional gnocchi stripes using a fork or a specialized tool, but for this sauce we believe the smooth surface is better).


When you finished creating gnocchi from all the dough, cook all of them (in batches), and toss with a little oil or butter to prevent them from sticking, or toss them in the wonderful sauce you made.

Sauce you say?

why yes, you can make something Italian, tomato sauce, pesto or good old brown-butter (with sage!), But if you are ready for something new.. continue reading..


New love: Iraqi style gnocchi sauce with turmeric and okra

  • Two cups of small okra
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • 1/2-1tsp turmeric
  • A few (sun) dried tomatoes, home made or store-bought cut into small pieces
  • 20gr/ 1 tbs of butter
  • Chili flakes
  • Handful of spinach or basil leaves (optional)
  • A little lemon juice

Wash and throughly dry the okra. if there are some extra-large ones cut in half. Wash the spinach, slice the garlic.

Shortly toss the garlic in a frying pan with high edges, with the olive oil. Add the okra and toss  until they just begin to soften (a few minutes; we do not want it completely soft and soggy, but rather crunchy and ‘fresh’). Add the turmeric and a little chili and toss, add the tomatoes and- yes- toss again (~1 min). Add the gnocchi and toss… lastly add the spinach/basil, gently mix, and transfer the okra-gnocchi dish to a plate. Sprinkle with a little chili flakes (instead of Parmesan…).


Serve and enjoy!


Dos and don’ts

  • Do not under-cook the potatoes- big no-no (obviously).
  • Do not add too much flour, or you will get spaetzle…
  • You can use other types of potatoes or non-potatoes like squash or pumpkin. But some of these things have more water in them, so either dry them very well in the oven or be ready to get gnocchi that contain more flour..
  • Traditionally potatoes for gnocchi are cooked (whole, with the skin on), but we found that with baking we get much better results, so why not?- using baked potatoes makes the mass much easier to work with even with very little flour, but of course you need flour to make gnocchi (rather than croquette .. or something) so don’t be too stingy on the flour. 
  • Do not Leave the prepared gnocchi mass in the fridge overnight! If you baked the potatoes today, then make the dough today. We tried to make the dough in advance, and prepare the gnocchi the day after, and we got a messy sticky horrible dough, Not recommended.
  • Freezing prepared gnocchi works, but not perfectly. You need to put them straight from the fridge in salted boiling water and cook normally. The surface of the gnocchi cames out softer and messier than in the (perfect) fresh gnocchi. It was still descent, but really not as good as the fresh. Apparently this is one of those things…
  • But! you can (and should) cook all the gnochhi, and keep them in the fridge, make (several) sauces and warm them up in the sauce throughout the week.
  • Use similar sized potatoes.
  • prefer dry and old potatoes (they have less moisture).
  •  The myth said you need to work with the dough while it is still warm.
  • You can make gnocchi without the egg and then you have vegan gnocchi!
  • Go ahead make some gnocchi!

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