Carboniza (nickname)

our favorite pasta dish, simple and easy to make.

please read the recipe all the way through, cause this one needs to be well timed..

Recipe for 4 dishes

  • 4 egg yolks, from organic eggs preferably
  • 1 egg white
  • 100 gr Pecorino or Parmesan, grated
  • 100 gr panccetta, chopped  (you can also use bacon, duck breast or what whatever you like..)
  • S&P
  • home made fresh pasta, you can use this recipe or this , or dried spaghetti.

If you are using fresh pasta, then of course prepare the pasta and set aside (do not cook it just yer..). Prepare a pot with boiling water. If you are using dried pasta, start cooking it in the boiling water when you start making the sauce, the sauce preparation takes ~15min.


Mix the eggs (yolks and white) with the cheese and plenty of black pepper (or to taste..).

In a small sauce pan, place the panccetta and half a cup of olive oil. Place it on the stove over a low heat and fry until crisp. The panccetta’s fat will melt and give flavor to the oil. Yum.

If you are using fresh/ home made pasta- cook the pasta now! Cook the past in boiling salted water, as usual, reach the ‘al-dante’ stage, however, beware of under cooking- the pasta will not be cooked any further in the sauce.

When the pasta texture is to your liking, transfer it directly to the cheese-egg mixture. Toss a little, and try to untangle any lumps… Now transfer the panccetta with its oil (boiling!) to the pasta. Toss and mix. The hot pasta and then the oil cooks the egg yolks to create that wonderful creamy texture (rather than just raw egg..).

Mix well, adjust seasoning- this is the stage to add a little salt if needed- serve immediately and enjoy a flavorful and creamy pasta !




Comments and commentaries:

  • It is highly recommended to use good quality organic sexy eggs for this recipe. Yum.
  • Obviously, you should not save and re-heat this pasta, cause you will get scrambled egg pasta. Just eat what you cooked, fresh, this time 🙂
  • In this dish, the pasta tends to cool down pretty fast (not a lot of watery-sauce to keep it warm..) so we suggest warming the plates before serving.
  • We learned this recipe in Rome, here. they did not speak English, but they were very nice and it was lots of fun. Recommended.

A few more photos from the course for those who are interested:







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