Our story

Once upon a time, there was a small apartment with a couple of humans and a couple of cats living in it (well, not a ‘couple of cats’ but rather two cats, they are not really a couple, they don’t even like each other..).

In this apartment, some are cooking learning or rather studying, and working, and some are mostly sleeping…

She- Writes the blog, cooks and studies neurobiology.

He- Takes the pictures in the blog, takes care of the technical issues of the blog, works in the animation field, and studies a little.. math and computer sciences.

Female cat- Munchkin redhead

Male cat- Gray and elegant

So, many years ago, we decided to tell of our kitchen adventures, and try to convince you that it is possible to cook endless things at home. To show that it is possible to eat ‘fancy’ at home, and not only in restaurants, and to give inspiration and ideas for varied and interesting- home cooking. We share recipes that are more and less sophisticated, and some recipes that are traditional but also many that are our own creation (at least to some extent..). We bring you recipes that are tested, and we include comments and commentaries to help improve performances whenever we can… We have been through a lot…of changes.. and nowadays the blog is available both in English and Hebrew, the photos are taken and designed by us, and thus, each post takes a lot of time and work … Consequently, our posts do not come out too often.. But no worries! We are also available via Instagram and Facebook, where you can get inspired without too much fuss, and maybe check out a cat or two once in a blue moon…

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Want to tell us something? Contact us on this e-mail address – Gourmeow@gmail.com.

Sincerely, Gourmeow

Technical specs:

Camera: Canon 550D / T2i

Lenses: Canon 50 f1.8, Sigma 24-70 f2.8

Oven: Sauter

Mixer: Kenwood Chef Classic

Pasta machine: Kenwood Chef attachment

Organic Veg’s delivery: Ogranic farm ‘HaMa’apil’

Market of choice: Carmel market (Tel Aviv)

‘Nut’ shop: Amrani (Tel Aviv)

Fish monger: Abdu the fisherman (Jaffa)

Meat monger: Mu & Mu (Rehovot)

City: Tel Aviv (and a little Paris… of course..)

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